Operability that Takes the Shortest Path to Results

03 Operability that Takes the Shortest Path to Results

All Jigs are Easily Connected

The multi joint, which connects jigs to load cells, enables all jigs, including tensile, compression, and bending jigs, to be connected easily. The replacement of heavy joints is no longer needed, which simplifies the replacement of test jigs. A small-capacity load cell can be connected to the tip, so tests with small-capacity load cells can be performed with a large-capacity load cell attached as is.

All Jigs are Easily Connected

Smart Controller

Smart Controller

The controller is equipped with a touch panel LCD, which displays the optimal buttons and information for the situation. It shows a variety of operations and informational displays, including jig space adjustments prior to testing and confirmation of measurement values during tests. A universal interface standardized with the software has been adopted to support all kinds of testing by high operability and visibility.


Selection of operation sound according to environment

The special AUTOGRAPH operational sounds are adjustable. Select from a pleasant sound quality enhancing operational comfort or a sound that is easy to hear even in noisy conditions. (The sound can also be turned OFF.)


Voice alerts

A voice message warns the operator before the crosshead moves, preventing mistakes by the operator. (The sound can also be turned OFF.)/p>

Finish Settings and Operations with a Hand-Held Controller

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