Improving the Efficiency of Low to Medium Capacity Tests

Improving the Efficiency of Low to Medium Capacity Tests

It is important to control the temperature and humidity conditions when testing materials affected by these conditions. Shimadzu offers a variety atmospheric control testing machines, including refrigerator and gas injection types, to suit the objective. Additionally, the AGX-V's high-speed return function reduces the standby time during long stroke tests, shortening the test cycle time. Combining switch-operated grips and automatic extensometers further reduces the cycle time.

Device for Atmosphere Tests

Instruments are available for tensile, compression, and bending tests performed in environments not at normal temperatures, including everything from low-temperature to high-temperature environments.

SIE Automatic Extensometer SIE-560A/560SA

This extensometer is equipped with various automatic functions. It automatically detects the grip positions, and moves the elongation measurement arm to a point between the grips. It releases from the sample automatically when the test is finished and returns to the default position, so after attaching the sample, the operator can entrust all the operations to the testing machine, which functions semi-automatically. The lineup also includes a high-accuracy type with a measurement accuracy of ±1 μm.

PFG Pneumatic Flat Grips

With these grips, a foot switch and an interlocked air chuck unit that starts testing automatically after the sample is gripped are selectable. The grips can maintain a stable force even when gripping soft samples that change thickness at the gripped part during testing.

SG Series Strain Gauge Type Extensometer

This is widely used as a manual extensometer. Various types are available depending on the need, including conformity with grades in ISO, JIS, ASTM, and other standards, gauge lengths, and tests under high-temperature conditions.

TRViewX Video Type Non-Contact Extensometer

This is a high-accuracy non-contact extensometer that measures the sample strain from captured images. It can accommodate everything from general materials to films that a contact extensometer cannot be attached to directly.

Bending Deflection Gauge

This deflection gauge for bending tests conforms with ISO 178 and JIS K7171. The displacement gauge is pressed against the lower surface of the sample. The indentation depth on the sample during testing is then measured with high accuracy.
The gauge is equipped with a mechanism that cancels the force used to press the displacement gauge, so it has no effect on the test force measurement.

* Some of these instruments require special optional parts to connect to a testing machine. Contact your Shimadzu representative.

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