Improving Design, Development, and Analysis Capacities

Improving Design, Development, and Analysis Capacities

Validation & Verification (V & V) is required for high-precision simulation, and tests are conducted to load actual products. The auto-tuning function, which maintains the test force with high precision, the analog input function of up to 20 channels, and the WEB camera function are effective for these tests. You can also choose special test jigs to improve the accuracy of the simulation.

Biaxial tensile tests

Biaxial Tensile Testing

Biaxial tensile tests can be implemented for samples in accordance with ISO 16842. The tensile ratio can be changed by exchanging parts.

In-Plane Reversing Testing
(Measurements of the Bauschinger Effect)

Plate materials are stretched in the longitudinal direction. After plastic deformation, the loading direction is reversed, and they are compressed in the longitudinal direction. The system can perform tests so that the plate materials do not buckle when force is applied again in the tensile direction.



Actual Object Testing

Compression plates and surface plates enable tests to be performed with a load applied to large parts and assemblies. Actual object testing can be used not only for strength evaluations but to confirm the results of simulations.

Actual Objet Testing

DIC Analysis

DIC analysis is a method of investigating the amount of deformation of a body by applying a random pattern to the surface of the body and comparing the pattern before and after deformation. The strain distribution can be mapped in two dimensions without using a complex optical system. By adding this function to the TRViewX video type non-contact extensometer, image and video files ideal for DIC analysis can be output. (The DIC analysis software is not included. Please order it separately.)

Random pattern

* Some of these instruments require special optional parts to connect to a testing machine. Contact your Shimadzu representative.

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