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The chemical industry is one of the key industries worldwide. It is involved in the fabrication of products of daily use (base chemicals, plastics, colors and coatings), food (fertilizers and pesticides), and health improvement (pharmaceuticals). Furthermore, chemical industry is essential for the manufacture of computers, fuels and lubricants, and many more technical products. It is a driver of progress for other industries, e.g. biology and medical, also physics and engineering sciences.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis

Advancements in technological know-how but also an increased awareness in consumer and product safety as well as environment protection demand technologies and methods which enable high-precision analysis in a fast, cost-effective, accurate, reliable, and selective way, even with smallest sample volumes. Through quantitative and qualitative analysis as well as identification of unknown compounds and their moleculary structures, Shimadzu provides insights and options of how to proceed further.

From the beginning of its company history in 1875, Shimadzu has supplied instruments and tools for chemical applications. Today, the company has got a proven track in innovative and best-in-class systems from chromatography, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, sum parameter, and material testing. Shimadzu can claim many industry’s firsts and explored new borders in analytical instrumentation.

Improve your analytical efficiency

Providing a huge range of analytical methods and technologies, e.g. gas monitoring and quality control or automated process monitoring, Shimadzu can help its customers to improve analytical efficiency as well as reliability in chemical applications.

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