Comfortability in automotive is defined as the transportation of a passenger in the easiest way and that the trip will be pleasure and not a struggle. Translating this to the activities Shimadzu does we can talk about Suspensions, car-seats, tires and so on.

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Analysis of VOC and SVOC Emissions from Automotive Interior Materials in Accordance with VDA278 Using the Thermodesorbtion

In recent years, measures to reduce the use of organic compounds in automotive interiors have progressed. In Germany, the VDA278 standards were created for the analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and semivolatile organic compounds (SVOC) produced from automotive interior materials.


Testing from car parts on vibrations and lifetime

Several parts in a car are also tested on lifetime. Thinking of the car seat and suspensions. These are parts that define our comfort. But, also steering wheels are tested in this way. With the NJ-Servo the possibility of clean testing is within reach. The electric drive system does not need any hydraulic oil. Consequently, it generates no environmentally unfriendly waste oil. Uses ¼ of the energy used by hydraulic systems and usable in multi-axis!


Measuring and Controlling Performance of Shimadzu Mooney Viscometer Model SMV in Viscosity Tests on Rubber Materials

Driving with a good tire will increase also the comfort of driving a car. By controlling the compound of the rubber, you can define the viscosity that is needed to optimize the rubber.

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