Complete Solution for Dioxin analysis with extraction throughput and clean-up.

Dioxins are produced in certain industrial processes as well as in combustion processes, e.g. Incineration of household and hazardous waste. This poison is formed at 300 degrees and more and destroyed at 900 degrees and higher.
The chemicals can also be produced in chemical production processes using chlorine, in addition to forest fires or volcanic eruptions. The poisons, once released into the environment, decompose only very slowly and accumulate in humans and animals.

To offer a complete solution for the stream of analysis, the companies Shimadzu, MIURA and BUCHI Laboratory Equipment partnered to offer the most powerful solution for extraction, clean-up and GCMS analysis on the European market. The solution DIOXINS S3 is combining the SpeedExtractor E-914 / E-916 for extraction throughput, the GO-xHT for clean-up and the GCMS TQ-8050 for analysis of dioxins and PCBs samples fulfilling the new EU 589/2014 regulation.

GC-MS/MS Handbook for the Analysis of Dioxins in Foods

GO-xHT is an easy-to-operate automated system offering high throughput as well as the additional advantage of using less solvents and consumables. It provides labs with high-quality extraction as well as high return on investment thanks to an innovative flow path system.

EU Regulation Compliant GC-MS/MS Method Package for Dioxins in Foods

The method package consists of method fles registered with the optimal conditions for the analysis of dioxins, as well as a report creation tool that can output the items required by EU regulations. This makes it possible to start an analysis without the having to investigate analytical conditions.


Equipped with a new, highly efficient detector and three forms of noise reduction technology, the GCMS-TQ8050 (NX) is capable of performing unprecedented quantitative analyses of ultra trace amounts, down to the femtogram level. Moreover, thanks to its overwhelmingly ultra-high sensitivity, a whole new realm of quantitative analysis is offered.

Boosted efficiency ion source (BEIS)

An ion source that dramatically increases the sensitivity of GC-MS/MS.

As the capabilities of GC-MS/MS equipment have improved in recent years, it has come to be used for analysis of toxic compounds such as POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants). Equipment sensitivity is of great importance for the analysis of low concentrations of these highly-toxic compounds,. The BEIS (Boosted Efficiency Ion Source) maximizes ionization efficiency through optimizing the focal point of the electron beam in EI ionization. This achieves 4 times the sensitivity of previous ion sources, allowing reliable analyses of low concentrations that until now have not been possible. This is effective for analyzing POPs in environmental samplesples.

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