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Quantification of Nicotine in E-cigarette Liquid Sample Using GC-FID and Hydrogen Carrier Gas                                                                                             2019-12-18                     
Analysis of THC and CBD Content in Hemp Oil Using GC-FID and Hydrogen Carrier Gas 2018-12-04



UPS 467 Analysis of Residual Solvents in Pharmaceuticals


A headspace sampler maintains the sample at a constant temperature and then injects a fixed quantity of the gas phase generated into a GC unit. It is used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of volatile components in solid or liquid samples. The further strides in performance and user-friendly design of the HS-20 NX series provide strong support for a wide variety of analyses, from work in research departments to quality control.


Analysis of Trace Residual Solvents in Pharmaceuticals Using Headspace GC, Class 2 Standard Solution




Analysis of Residual Pesticide in Foods


When analyzing residual pesticides in foods, it is advantageous to use a high-sensitivity selective detector. In contrast, an FID, which is suitable for a general-purpose application, is used to comprehensively measure many different pesticides.
Using an ECD/FPD detector configuration provides high-sensitivity analysis of phosphorus, sulfur, and halogen while an FID measures a wide variety of pesticides.


Analysis of Chlorinated Pesticides in Traditional Chinese Medicines via ECD

Analysis of Phosphorus Pesticides in Carrots via FPD


Analysis of Sulfur Compounds in Beer

Sulfur compounds in beer, which affect the aroma of the beer, can be quantified in the order of ng/mL by combining the headspace injection method and an SCD.


New Energy


Analysis of Impurities in Hydrogen Gas

Dual BIDs

The Nexis GC-2030 can be equipped with two BIDs. More qualitative information can be obtained from the same sample by attaching columns with different separation characteristics.

O2: approx. 100 ppm, N2: approx. 340 ppm,
Other impurities: approx. 0.2 ppm

O2: approx. 25 ppm, N2: approx. 160 ppm, CO2: approx. 0.4 ppm,
Other impurities: approx. 0.2 ppm


Simultaneous Analysis of Impurities in Hydrogen




Refinery Gas Analysis System

Specialized systems can be configured by installing multiple valves and columns in the standard Nexis GC-2030 installation space. Inorganic gases, hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfides, and other components can be analyzed within five and a half minutes. Method development is not required because systems are assembled and tested in advance at the factory, prior to arriving at your lab.


Chromatogram of Polywax (ASTM D 7500)

Analysis of Simulated Distillation

Simulated Distillation GC Analysis Software integrated with LabSolutions is compliant with ASTM, ISO, and various other standards that specify distillation GC. With high boiling point compounds, sample loss can be minimized by using the OCI-2030 NX injection port.


Distillation Gas Chromatograph System 


Monitoring Sulfur in Diesel Oil Distillates

Using a detector splitting device with minimal dead volume, it is possible to analyze the components in diesel oil comprehensively with MS, while simultaneously measuring* the sulfur components selectively and with high sensitivity using an SCD.


Simultaneous Analysis of Sulfur Standard Components in Diesel Using GC-MS and SCD 

* LabSolutions DB GCMS or LabSolutions CS is required to acquire data simultaneously from a GCMS and SCD.


Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detection
Gas Chromatograph System 




Analysis of VOCs in Work Environments

Analysis of VOCs in Work Environments

Trace components in the air can be concentrated for measurement via thermal desorption. The TD-30 can accommodate up to 120 samples, and thanks to the repeated collection function, if a precious sample is analyzed incorrectly, it can be measured again.


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