GC-2010 Pro

This product is only available in Europe, Southeast Asia and China.

Industry Leading Detector Sensitivity

Responding to the ever increasing demands for trace level analysis, all detectors of GC-2010 Pro realize high sensitivity in miniaturization design. The new flame photometric detector (FPD) and flame ionization detector (FID) show significantly increased sensitivity.


Flame ionization detector FID

High-sensitivity has been achieved by thorough cleaning of detector gas lines and the latest noise-reduction technology.

Analysis of n-C12, 14, 16 / n-heptane solution

Analysis of n-C12, 14, 16 / n-heptane solution


Flame photometric detector FPD

It achieves compact design and improves the flame stability by improving the nozzle form. In addition, the "dual-focus system" achieves excellent ultra high sensitivity. The dual-focus system adds a lens to the interference filter for efficient light collection at the photomultiplier light receptor.

Dual-focus system

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