IR Solution - Control Software

IRsolution FTIR control software supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and provides a high level of security. It also includes validation software compliant with JP (Japanese Pharmacopoeia), EP (European Pharmacopoeia), and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) requirements (provided resolution is 2 cm-1for JP and EP) and a function that automatically recognizes attached accessory equipment.

The functionality of Version 1.40 has been increased significantly. It now includes, as part of the standard software, a Contaminant Analysis Program, which provides powerful support for contaminant analysis, and a Japan PharmaReport Program.

It also offers a family of optional software programs that further increase the scope of applications.

Wide Assortment of Measurement Functions

  • Normal integration mode
  • Evaluation Scan mode only integrates valid data
  • Continuous Scan mode keeps measuring data continuously
  • Atmosphere correction scan mode automatically eliminates the effects of moisture and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • Self-diagnostic function and status monitor
  • Automatic accessory recognition function

Wide Assortment of Data Processing Functions

  • Peak detection, difference spectra, Kubelka-Munk transform, ATR correction, and library search
  • Quantitative calculation/multi-point calibration curve method, multilinear analysis quantitation method, and PLS quantitation method
  • Report generator allows printing out results using freely customizable layouts
  • Japanese Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, and ASTM compliant validation program
  • Contaminant Analysis Program
  • Japan PharmaReport Program

Supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Compatible with CLSS-Agent Version 2 network tool for database management and registration

  • Software security and log function with user name and password
  • Electronic signature
  • Raw data preservation (including pre-Fourier transformation interferogram and background spectra)
  • Data processing history
  • Instrument audit trail

Atmosphere Correction Scan

Using the Atmosphere Correction Scan mode automatically eliminates the effects of moisture and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Easily measures even small peaks in the 4000 - 3100 cm-1and 2100 - 1300 cm-1ranges, where peaks can overlap with water moisture.

On the left is an example of using the atmosphere correction function to eliminate moisture and carbon dioxide from a spectrum.

Blue: Spectrum before removal

Red: Spectrum after removal

(shown with baseline shifted)

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