LabSolutions GPC Software

GPC software has been added to the LabSolutions lineup. This addition enables control and use of GC and HPLC instruments, including a GPC system, for analysis with the same interface, which simplifies the management of analytical instruments in your laboratory. With its easy-to-understand analysis windows, the GPC software provides the optimal environment for molecular weight distribution calculations, as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis via multiple detectors.


1) Automation of analysis process workflow
2) Overlap injection function to shorten analysis time
3) Diverse range of report formats
4) Simultaneous LC/GC control and network compatibility

1. Automation of Workflow  

Numerous functions supporting the analysis process sequence, from instrument startup to shutdown, significantly improve procedural efficiency. In addition, baseline drift checks can be performed automatically, eliminating the need to wait by the instrument for detector stabilization.

2. Overlap Injection Function

Overlapping injections combined with the SIL-30AC Nexera X2 autosampler can significantly save analytical time for multiple cycles and enable higher throughput. 10 injection cycles of a 15-minute analysis Normal Injection cycles: 2 h 30 min With Overlapping Injection: 1 h 40 min → Save approximately 35% on total analysis time

3. Diverse Range of Report Formats

LabSolutions is equipped with report templates for a variety of analysis results. The software can accommodate a diverse range of reports thanks to a wealth of report items and a highly flexible layout. In addition, a PDF output function is included as standard, so analysis results reports can be managed by automatic import to a database, helping your laboratory to go paperless, and promoting an eco-friendly analysis process.

4. Simultaneous LC/GC Control and Compatibility with Networking

LabSolutions enables operation of LC and GC systems using the same interface. Our lineup includes LabSolutions LC/GC for file-based management of analysis data, LabSolutions DB for management with a database, and LabSolutions CS, which is compatible with large-scale networks. Please select the appropriate software to suit your usage environment.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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