Meeting the Needs of a Wide Range of Analyses

Meeting the Needs of a Wide Range of Analyses

A wide variety of programs and accessories is available in order to meet the needs of various customers.

Customize Your Own IRTracer-100 System

You can customize your own IRTracer-100 system with a wide variety of accessories and easy-to-use software options to meet the needs of your specific application.

Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food Products, Environmental, Chemicals and Polymers, Electrical, Electronics, and Semiconductors, Automobiles, Metals, Construction, Academia

Two Main Application Programs Support All Analyses

LabSolutions IR includes two main application programs - for contaminant analysis and identification tests.

Even operators unfamiliar with FTIR analysis can easily use these programs and create reports in just a few seconds.

Contaminant Analysis Program

Combining Shimadzu's own algorithms (patent pending) with that of library spectra for common contaminants, this program identifies contaminants with a high degree of accuracy. This easy-to-use program is conducive to all levels of operators. Reports are automatically created after analysis, allowing operators with little knowledge of infrared analysis to easily perform analysis.

Identification Test Program

This program makes pass/fail judgments about samples in accordance with the tests specified in the Pharmacopoeia. In addition to identification tests for pharmaceutical products, this program can be used for incoming and pre-shipment inspections.

Hardware Options

Integrated with sample compartments, the series of horizontal ATR accessories offers improved purging performance, and eliminates the concern of dust entering the IRTracer-100’s sample compartment. When an accessory is installed, the software displays its name and serial number and sets the optimum scan parameters.

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