In-Jet Methanizer for GC-2030

The flame ionization detector (FID) has no response to carbon dioxide (CO2) under normal conditions without conversion to a more suitable compound for detection, such as methane. The In-Jet Methanizer is a catalytic reactor contained fully in the FID jet enabling the accurate analysis of CO2.

  • Converts CO and CO2 to Methane
  • Wide linear range from 0.1 ppm to 100%
  • Unique, 3D printed non-nickel catalyst for more resistance to oxygen and sulfur poisoning
  • Directly replaces existing FID jets; no additional fittings or connections required
  • Uses existing FIG fuel gases; no additional gas flows required
  • Available as a single or multipack
Content P/N
1 pack 220-94673-30
3 packs 220-94673-33
5 packs 220-94673-35

Performance Specifications

Minimum Detection Limit 1 pg C/sec.
Linear Dynamic Range > 106
Accuracy < 3% standard error
Max. Injection Volume 1 ml (10:1 split)
Max. Temperature 450° C
Response Time Accomodates 500 Hz FID detectors
Detection Precision < 1% RSD
Lifetime Usage and analyte dependent. Optimal performance for 6 months before recommended replacement

Typical Operating Parameters

Fuel Gas Ratio


32 ml/min.
250 ml/min.
24 ml/min.

Temperature 400° C


Capillary Column Sizes All columns 50 µm to 530 µm ID
Packed Column Sizes 1/4" or 1/8" (with adapter)
FID Connections Capillary, 1/8", or 1/4" connection (with adapter)
Sampling Gas sampling, manual injection, autosampler, total evaporation headspace




# Description P/N
1/8" to 1/16" reducing union
1/4" to 1/16" reducing union
2 Fused silica adapter for 0.53 mm ID capillary (pack of 5) 980-05636
3 SH-Rxi Guard Column; 0.53 mm ID; 5 m* 227-36307-01
4 Graphite ferrule for 0.53 mm ID capillary (pack of 10) 221-32126-08
* Should be cut to the desired length

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