Shimadzu´s Corporate Magazine for customers 

“Contributing to Society through Science and Technology,” has been our corporate philosophy since our inception. It is always kept firmly in mind, and we strive to realize its aims in all our present activities. This magazine focusses on problem solutions in environment, energy, food, pharma and medical treatment. We appreciate you taking the time to read its contents, and  welcome your frank opinions on what they offer.

MOMENTUM - Vol. 05 (2017)

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MOMENTUM - Vol. 04 (2016)

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MOMENTUM - Vol. 03 (2015)

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MOMENTUM - Vol. 02 (2015)

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MOMENTUM - Vol. 01 (February 2014)

  • President's Message - Supporting a Safe, Secure, and Abundant Lifestyle for Everyone
  • Interview Hidetoshi Nakata - Connecting Japan with the world 
  • Energy Foresights - Insights into analytical instrumentation of the future 
  • Innovative Healthcare and Medicine - Trends in medical tourism
  • Shimadzu Technology Focus - New eyes for aircraft pilots
  • Shimadzu Global Network - Shimadzu USA Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - Continued Support for United Nations University Environmental Projects 
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