New Generation of Workstation

New Generation of Workstation

LabSolutions IR, a member of the LabSolutions family, has been optimized for network applications, includes an extensive library of spectra, and features a high-performance search function. In addition, Macro functions provide automation and labor savings.

Fast, Easy-to-Use LabSolutions IR Series Software

LabSolutions IR easily executes FTIR operations such as scanning, data manipulation, quantitation, reporting, saving, user administration, and more. High-level administrative functions and a variety of data manipulation functions provide for an easier, more user-friendly analysis environment. In addition, numerous optional programs are available to address all modern laboratory needs.

Run Dedicated LabSolutions IR Programs or Windows Applications Easily with the Dedicated LabSolutions IR Launcher.

LabSolutions IR includes a number of dedicated programs, including Postrun, Spectrum, and Quantitation, which are easily launched using the LabSolutions IR Launcher. In addition, macro programs and Windows applications can be registered with the LabSolutions IR Launcher for quick and easy start-up.

Network Features

  • High-level security and user administration functions.
  • Suitable for ERES regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11, PIC/S, and more.
  • Management of FTIR as well as LC and GC data by the server on a network.
  • With terminal service, LabSolution IR can be controlled from a client PC without installing LabSolutions IR on it.


  • Postrun, Spectrum, Quantitation, Photometric, Time course (option), Mapping (option)
  • All of the Postrun and measurement programs have a common Main toolbar, Menu, Measurement toolbar, Tree view, and Log window. The operation of each program is also similar, providing a familiar feel no matter what task you are working.

Extensive Spectra Library and High-Performance Search Function

  • Features a library containing approximately 12,000 spectra.
  • Enables high-quality searching with standard libraries.
  • High-performance search methods, including Spectral, Text, Combination, and Peak searches.
  • Shimadzu's unique search algorithm provides precise search results.


  • Easy printing using the ViewPrint function and Free-layout reports.

Macro Program Functions Provide Automation and Labor-Savings

  • Simply align steps to create a Macro program.
  • Automated identification tests and contaminants analysis.

Data Manipulation

  • A wide variety of data manipulation functions, including Advanced ATR correction and Kubelka-Munk conversion, and quantitation functions, such as the multi-point calibration curve method and CLS method, are standard.

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