In the car industry is safety on the highest level. It is not only this, but also the reliability from parts and life time. Regarding the standard and regulations, a lot of parts are tested against many standard, for example: ISO, ASTM, VDA, CE and RoHS.

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EDX Analysis of Lead, Cadmium, Silver, Copper in lead-free solder Materials

X-ray fluorescence analysis can be used to quickly and easily analyse samples in solid, powder, and liquid states non-destructively and is therefore widely used as a screening technique for compliance with the RoHS/ELV directives.


Analysis of Phthalate Esters Using the Py-Screener

The “Py-Screener” is a screening system for phthalate esters. It consists of resin standard samples containing phthalate esters, a sample preparation sampling kit, and Py-GC/MS analysis files. The pyrolysis-GC/MS (Py-GC/MS) method does not require complicated pretreatment and is therefore expected to be used as a screening method.


Analysis of VOC and SVOC Emissions from Automotive Interior Materials in Accordance with VDA278 Using the Thermal Desorption Method

The TD-30 thermal desorption system features an inert sample line that is kept as short as possible, and samples are heated up to 300 °C, reducing SVOC carryover. In this investigation, an analysis of VOC and SVOC emissions from automotive interior materials was attempted in accordance with VDA278 using the TD-30.

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