• Polymers and fluorescence - Fluorescence spectroscopy of industrial base polymers
  • Balance of power - LCMS-8060NX: Performance and robustness without compromising sensitivity and speed
  • 360° drinking water Analysis trilogy - Automatic, simultaneous and rapid analysis of pesticides



  • 360° Drinking Water Analysis Trilogy - Qualified Water - Contaminants & continuous monitoring
  • Science and Shakespeare - Experimentation outside the lab
  • Pushing the limits - New UV-Vis spectrophotometer

Further information

"Is it authentic cashmere? - Differentiation and quantification of cashmere with MALDI-MS"


Further Publications


Application of Triple Quad LC-MS for detection of luciferin-6’-p-nitrobenzyl ether –
a footprint of peroxynitrite

Members of the Dye Technology team, part of the Institute of Polymer and Dye Technology, Lodz University of Technology

The team’s current Research interests are focused on the application of fluorescent and bioluminescent dyes in the detection of reactive oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur species. The research involves design and Synthesis of fluorescent dyes; characterization of novel fluorescent compounds; application of optical probes in cell-free systems as well as in intracellular milieu. [ ... ]

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