SSG Type Plastic Tensile Testing System

Plastic Tensile Testing System

Modulus of Elasticity Can Be Measured Accurately and Reasonably to a Precision of 1 µm

Plastic Tensile Properties Test Methods JIS K7161 and K7162 stipulate the following when evaluating tensile properties such as modulus of elasticity or tensile stress at χ % strain:

I.The measurement precision of test force must be within ±1 % of the measured value.

II.The precision of the extensometer used for measuring elongation must be within ±1 % of the measured value.

III.The measurement point of modulus of elasticity must be obtained from a secant modulus of elasticity having a strain of 0.0005 and 0.0025. (When using a computer, the measurement point may be obtained from the linear regression method between two points.)

This tensile testing system is compliant with Plastic Tensile Properties Test Methods JIS K7161 and K7162 above. This system is based on the Shimadzu Autograph AG Series, and consists of a pneumatic flat grip having outstanding operability, a SSG50-10 extensometer (plastic modulus of elasticity compatible type) capable of measuring elongation to high precision, and the data processing software "TRAPEZIUM2" for conducting data processing from the test force-elongation curve in real time.

This testing system enables the modulus of elasticity, that could be evaluated only by bending tests up till now, to be performed efficiently by tensile tests.

Evaluation Targets

Static strength, Plastics

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