Trace Sulfur Analysis

Some sulfur compounds are known to be not only hazardous but also catalytic poisons. ppb sulfur analysis is conducted by gas chromatography. The Nexis SCD-2030 is a next-generation sulfur chemiluminescence detection system. The dramatically enhanced sensitivity and reliability, the excellent maintainability, and the automation functions, a first for the industry, will improve laboratory productivity.

Model Name Nexis GC-2030SCD1 Nexis GC-2030SCD2 Nexis GC-2030FPD1
Reference Method ASTM D5504 ASTM D5623 ASTM-D6228
Type of Detector SCD SCD FPD
Target Compounds Volatile sulfur compounds in Natural gas or similar gaseous mixture Sulfur compounds in Motor gasoline fuel or similar light petroleum liquids H2S, COS, SO2, mercaptans, aromatic sulfur compounds and sulfides
Others High selectivity and linearity for sulfur containing compounds and minimizes the quenching effects of hydrocarbons Very good linearity and repeatability for all sulfur compounds and excellent stability for the long-term analysis Micro-packed column can separate sulfide components and hydrocarbons effectively.
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GC-2014 system is also available for some applications.

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Analysis of Sulfur Compounds in Hydrocarbon Matrices by ASTM D5504, D5623, and D7011 with a new GC-SCD

Reliable Sulfur Speciation by A Newly Designed GC SCD


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